Patented technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and make cars 100% carbon-free.

A range of 150 to 750 km in the WLTP combined cycle, or 100 to 600 km in real-world conditions.

The different types of charging point: wall-mounted, floor-standing, with rapid charger, type 1, 2 or 4 socket.

Power ranging from 100 to over 800 bhp, depending on the model and the characteristics of the combustion engine.

Cars powered by an internal combustion engine, combined with an automatic or manual gearbox.

Autonomous driving for between 500 and 1,000 km, depending on the power of the internal combustion engine.

Car design: the latest aesthetic innovations

Minimalist design

A minimalist, uncluttered design with reflective, zen and chic details.

Body lines

Modern, authentic body lines for a brilliant effect.

Colour palette

Customised colour shades inspired by the chromatic palette.

durable materials

Durable materials based on plastics, composites and natural fibres.

Discover the new automotive technologies that are revolutionising your driving experience. These innovations can be integrated into an electric car or a versatile city car with an LPG engine.

GPS navigation system

GPS navigation system

A GPS navigation assistant to help you find your way on a digital map and follow routes.

Sensors and reversing cameras

Sensors and reversing cameras

Parking assistance and car surveillance systems. They can be fitted with night vision.

Voice recognition system

Voice recognition system

A driving system that uses voice recognition to access the car’s controls.

Car insurance is compulsory for electric cars and all motorised vehicles. Choose an insurance package to suit your needs.

Electric car insurance
levels of cover

Online car hire means you don’t have to go out of your way to book a car near you or at your destination. You have access to a wide range of personal and business cars, available in just a few hours.

From seat covers to mood lighting, customisation is making its way into the world of cars, offering you personalised finishes to suit your tastes and needs. Discover tomorrow’s new trends.

Personalised seat covers

Personalised seat covers

A wide choice of patterns, materials and colours for personalised seat covers and protective cushions.

Customised wheel trims

Customised wheel trims

Different designs and patterns of wheel covers for personalised wheel rims.

Interior mood lighting

Mood lighting in different colours, accompanied by a musical playlist and light effects.