Imagine If Every Car Was Autonomous: What 4 Things Don’t We Need Anymore?

If every car on the road was a self driving, autonomous car, here’s a list of 4 things we don’t we need anymore:

1. Traffic Lights: Self Driving Cars Don’t Need Traffic Signals

Imagine 4 swarms of bees zipping through a 4 way intersection…

No collisions because they have instant reactions, and even better, communication with each other to indicate where they’re going.

It might look something like this:

2. No Car Parks: Autonomous Vehicles Don’t Need Car Parks Or Parking Buildings

Because they won’t stand still long enough. They’ll be off to their next job. That’s a far more efficient utilisation of an asset rather than storing your car in a car park while you work for 8 hours or in your garage overnight for 12 hours while you sleep.

Imagine all that space that will be freed up outside shopping centres, malls, and inside carparking buildings. We can use that space for pedestrians, cycleways, and sitting.

3. No Fossil Fuels: Diverless Cars Don’t Have Petrol Engines

There may be a few exceptions, but imagine a world that captures light from the sun during the day, pumps that energy into electric vehicles via contactless charging whilst they drive, or stored in batteries and distributed to vehicles at need energy at night.

4. No Congestion: Autonomous Cars Can Dissolve Congestion At Peak Times

Let’s say “rush-hour” starts at 4pm.

If you made it easy for people to ride-share that might remove 50% of the traffic (a self-driving car might pick up 3 people within a block or 2 of each other who live in the same neighbourhood).

If you time-shifted the freight in trucks and vans to earlier/later times that might remove another 25%.

If you scheduled individual leaving times precisely that might remove another 10% (a self-driving car could detect micro-gaps in traffic and slot into those).

If you adjusted the road layout depending on traffic flow direction, that might remove another 25% (we don’t need traffic lights or dedicated lanes, so why not allocate the middle lane for out-going traffic at night and in-coming traffic in the morning?)

Rush hour problem solved.

You’re welcome.

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