Electric Car Drivers Line Up For Drive Electric Week Event In The Square

electric car week

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Electric car drivers are hoping a charging station in The Square will be up and running in time for Drive Electric Week on Saturday.

Organised by The Better NZ Trust working with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority to promote electric vehicles in New Zealand, Palmerston North’s week is one of 50 taking place around the country.

Palmerston North’s Julie Dalziel is the driver of a Nissan Leaf electric car, and will be taking part.

“[It’s] easy to drive, nippy, fun, comfortable,” Dalziel said.

“They’re cool. We wanted an electric car and felt the technology had reached a point where it could do everything we wanted it to do. And we wanted a red one. We’ve had it for three months and love it.”

Organiser Sue Pugmire said hopefully the city council’s rapid charging station opposite the Coffee Club on The Square would be up and running in time for it.

The week opens with a rally in The Square on Saturday.

Electric vehicle owners are invited to join with others concerned about climate change, renewable energy uptake and environmentally sustainable solutions at the Rally for Democracy/Stop the TPPA from 1pm to 3pm.

On Wednesday night at Rendezvous in Summerhill, speakers will talk about the joys, the differences, and economics of driving a Nissan Leaf EV.

EVs can take advantage of New Zealand’s renewable electricity producing 80 per cent fewer CO2 emissions than a petrol or diesel car, and can also be recharged using photovoltaic solar cells.

The following weekend sees parades and displays of electric vehicles that could include Brian Rankine’s 1916 Detroit electric car.

“The Square’s “Parade Park and Ride” event on September 17 will give people the opportunity to ask questions, see the cars and perhaps go for a ride in one,” Pugmire said.

Article Source Stuff

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